Definitely one of the most picturesque places in Luxem-bourg. The huge castle with the old belfry just below already make it a place worth visiting. It's the only place where Luxembourg has kept a small piece of territory on the east bank of river Our which, together with the rivers Sûre and Moselle constitutes the natural border between Luxembourg and Germany. The many terraces and restaurants along the narrow main street make it a great place to have a break and enjoy a cold drink outside.

On the far upper right of the picture above you can see the high station of the chairlift from where you have an outstanding view of the castle, the belfry and the whole town. The low station is just a minute's walk away from the convention. It has a really nice restaurant with a terrace just next to it and, as you can see in the picture, taking a ride is not a complete waste of money. Moreover, if you feel like it, you may even combine several sight seeings by taking the chairlift to its high station, then walking down to the castle and continuing past the belfry all the way to the river and back to the convention venue.

Which brings you back to what used to be a tannery in the old days, but which has been turned into the venue of all kinds of indoor events, of which the International Tattoo & Piercing Meeting has managed to become the most important over the year.

Maybe one of the reasons for this is that starting at noon, its doors are always open and there's no-one taking your money before you have even entered the hall as admission is completely freed.

And should the inside be just too crowded, why not just enjoy the sun that's there most times, lay down on the lawn in front of the hall and relax with a cold drink?

Finally, should the weather just be too hot and you don't feel like spending all your time inside the hall, why not visit the local open air swimming pool? This will surely cool you down!


Well, as you can see there are many reasons to visit Vianden, even if you are not into tattoos, piercings or any other kind of body art.


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